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schooling ducks

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schooling ducks
As is the case in early summer the occasion presents itself to observe a family of ducks with the parent trying to teach its offspring the basics for survival...

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I guess that with such little people the aerobics craze prevails for obvious reasons which explain why the parent is on a pier waiting in earnest for the offspring to jump the hurdle...It just goes to prove how brainy such little folks can be considering such a highly developed capacity for anticipation that first has to be thought out with the goal in mind...

And most folks don't understand the obvious and even less the emotional consequences there are to such little folks once hunting them... It definitely makes you think twice about becoming a self centered supremacist which figures that ordinairy folks the object of degradation and accompanying marginalisation don't suffer any emotional distress being deemed as too stupid to understand... I guess that we can't choose the way we are born despite being held accountable...But then maybe the thrill of causing hardship is what some want being happy to observe the distress they cause in others...Like so many enjoy proclaiming; "there is no wrong in causing hardship to those less fortunate than ourselves..."

It makes you wonder if those in their quest for brain power think about it...

Mind you, I always wondered where the sport was in hunting considering the lack of strategy needed to hunt a duck with a firearm whose pellets spread out so much that most of the flock gets hit and irremediably suffers...Furthermore someone mentioned to me that the lead shot does wonders to creat mental retardation...

The image was taken at the blue sea lake in immediate vicinity to the bike path, the bike path in question first departing from the vicinity of the national capital north of hull to terminate in Maniwaki. (read information included on my WEB site for more )

I had earlier on posted a variation of such an image on summitpost. Check the exif data on the image for more information.

Coincidentally (with regards to a recent newspaper article dwelling on problematic geese), I went down to Vancouver recently. I saw 3 geese and thousands of large sea gulls . Obviously the geese must be problematic since they are still there to leave some droppings everywhere they tread ! As for the seagulls, we need not worry, they are a protected species !

By the way, thank god the dogs are well behaved ! They don't leave droppings anywhere since people would obviously complain about that also....


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as you said. And despite the small brain size, all such creatures have the goal in mind. Just goes to show that the survival instinct lies in the central brain, which in all creatures formed before higher intellect.

Though I would say, capacity for intellect, as even still, supposed intellects do the most stupid things.

BTW - that pier would make an excellent launch ramp for us MTBs. Worry about the landing, later !! Hahaha.
Posted Jun 6, 2010 11:01 am

rustybikeRe: Indeed


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It is important to be a conservationist considering the rapid rate of dissapearance and extinction of most species. If you tell the folks that the little critters can think, they often think twice about acting like selfish self centered idiots...

Upon seeing the duck on the pier it became apparent that the duck had a clear goal in mind which is to have the ducklings cross a hurdle. This duck obviously deems such exercise as important to assure the proper development of her offspring... The duck had to think it out...

Why does mom lose her time on the pier ?......................What happens in her little brain if she loses her offspring to hunters ?.....

Posted Jun 6, 2010 5:04 pm

RayMondoIn answer


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It seems that these basic, vital instincts are pre-programmed. The protective part being governed by the "fear response". In other words, Ma duck will manifest fear, which is a usually an unpleasant effect - so we shy away from it. Thus the primitive brain has gained control (in the sense of continuing a species) by averting unpleasantness in exchange for pleasure and reward. When you think about, it seems logical, like the order in the Universe.
Posted Jun 6, 2010 6:13 pm

rustybikeRe: In answer


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I understand what you imply. But in this instance we are dealing with something which seems new whose purpose seems unusual..at least for a duck programmed to forage for food while avoiding big critters ... The duck must have thought it out...After all what is the purpose for this new activity ? The duck definitely understands that her ducklings are going to have a difficult time trying to climb up above the wall... Thus, in understanding the difficulty there is climbing the barrier ,the mama duck must search for a beneficial result for the ducklings...What is this beneficial consequence ? What is it's purpose ? ... Mama duck must understand that a duck in shape is a duck that has a better chance of surviving than a lame duck ! (please excuse me for the previous inadequate ending...)...

And to say that with mankind despite the understanding that a quality education creats quality individuals many still believe that some people are born with an enlightened state of conscious awareness and judgement !... While I proudly proclaim myself as a Christian by principle in understanding the reasons for priveledging a positive, constructive and compassionate attitude in our dealings with others I definitely understand that such qualities are not inherent...Despite the ongoing quest for hope the purpose for our religious zeal, people guided by principles not submission to authority are taught to exercise proper judgement, not to be dummies blindly guided by the divine...Mind you, once trying to come to grips with the evolution in our moral standards, regarding this quest for integrity and impartiality to assure harmonious social interrelations , nowadays with so many crooks out for a free ride businesses impose the polygraph to gain more assurance as to the integrity of the individuals that work for them. Unfortunately the polygraph (the state of the art ones read brainwaves) are inadmissible in court...Mind you, despite the inadmissibility of certain procedures, the procedure like all others is validated by those overseeing the procedure which with the reality of a biased attitude to take into consideration if the individuals themselves don't demonstrate a minimum of integrity and impartiality leads us to further ponder the obvious once considering whose interests are served by the social machinery ! Obviously ! Just gives you an idea about the evolution of society...

Once trying to get to the truth organisational behaviour prevails basically because justice tends to work like democracy in priveledging the well calibrated majority not to mention those with influence and..status...

And please don't worry about my words which
are a reflection on the state of society which implies that in no way whatsoever you should feel concerned !

Although, if I trust my past personal experiences; extremely opportunistic individuals go beyond the bounds of acceptability in vocalising their pretentions which becomes an obsession which perdures for years and years... You folks must have heard about it as a result...

Mind you, the main focus of this discussion is the schooling of ducks which is to associate with the image...

With humanity , it is a strange paradox to observe those without education receiving the recognition for the effort of those which do have one...

That concludes my contribution from this lame duck ! LOL !
Posted Jun 6, 2010 7:31 pm

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